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"Bulimia nervosa"

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  1. photo Battling <b>Bulimia</b>: New Research Focuses on Brain’s CircuitryBattling Bulimia: New Research Focuses on Brain’s CircuitryArtículo
    Bulimia nervosa is a complex eating disorder that often begins in adolescence or young adulthood. “Primarily affecting girls and women, it is characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eatingLee mas
  2. photo La anorexia y la <b>bulimia</b>La anorexia y la bulimiaTratamiento
    o provocarse el vómito. Dos de los desórdenes mas comunes son la anorexia y la bulimia nervosa.  Ambos desórdenes son altamente peligrosos para cualquier individuo que los padece. La anorexia hace que la personaLee mas
  3. photo Can bacteria cause anorexia?Can bacteria cause anorexia?Noticia
    The eating disorder anorexia nervosa (commonly called "anorexia"), may be caused in part by a bacterial infection that triggers a faulty response from the immune system. That cutting edge theoryLee mas
  4. photo 'Drunkorexia' the latest bizarre disorder pushed by behavioralists'Drunkorexia' the latest bizarre disorder pushed by behavioralistsNoticia
    Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are well known eating disorders. The first involves starving to get or stay ultra thin, and the latter involves binge eating and purposely vomiting to getLee mas
  5. photo Light Therapy for Eating DisordersLight Therapy for Eating DisordersTratamiento
    decades are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. In the most general terms, the former involves various manifestations of restrictive eating and weight manipulation which can ultimately lead to severeLee mas
  6. photo Is Orthorexia <b>Nervosa</b> a Form of Anorexia? When Healthy Eating Isn’t HealthyIs Orthorexia Nervosa a Form of Anorexia? When Healthy Eating Isn’t HealthyArtículo
    In the world of health, orthorexia nervosa really hit home for me. While I myself don’t suffer from the disorder, I would not be surprised to learn that it is prevalent in my industryLee mas
  7. photo Kelly Osbourne Takes on Hollywood and Eating DisordersKelly Osbourne Takes on Hollywood and Eating DisordersArtículo
    Eating Disorders, Inc., 1% of teenage girls have anorexia nervosa (starving themselves), 4% of college-age females battle bulimia nervosa (bingeing and purging), and 2% have body dysmorphic disorderLee mas
  8. photo Six easy ways to get your emotional eating habits under controlSix easy ways to get your emotional eating habits under controlNoticia
    , some are serious enough to be considered eating disorders. Binging often with junk food in short bursts then "purging" with induced vomiting is common to bulimia nervosa. Constantly crash dieting couldLee mas
  9. photo Receitas de tratamentos para vômitosReceitas de tratamentos para vômitosTratamiento
    , explosivos que aumentam a pressão e pode levar a morte, prandias devido a alimentação excessiva e bulimia nervosa, sendo esse último tipo induzido pelo indivíduo por medo de engordar. Não deve ser confundidoLee mas
  10. photo Can Health Food Be Addictive? Orthorexia <b>Nervosa’s</b> RisksCan Health Food Be Addictive? Orthorexia Nervosa’s RisksArtículo
    anorexia.  But it is often not very much like typical OCD or typical anorexia.” In a 2004 study titled, “Orthorexia nervosa: a preliminary study with a proposal for diagnosis and an attempt to measureLee mas

photo Bulimia



La bulimia o bulimia nerviosa es un trastorno alimentario y psicológico caracterizado por la adopción de conductas en las cuales el individuo se aleja de las formas de alimentación saludables consumiendo comida en exceso en periodos de tiempo muy cortos, también llamados “atracones”, seguido de un periodo de arrepentimiento, el cual puede llevar al sujeto a eliminar el exceso de alimento a...Más