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  1. photo Argan OilArgan OilTratamiento
    , argan oil was used extensively inMorocco as a topical oil to treat various ailments such as dry skin,acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, joint pain, and skin inflammation”.Recent inquiriesLee mas
  2. photo Share Your KnowledgeShare Your KnowledgeTratamiento
    blessed with a beautiful complexion, may be completely unaware of inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis. And while balding men may fret about each lost hair, those with an abundance of folliclesLee mas
  3. photo Inner Outer BeautyInner Outer BeautyTratamiento
    less likely to sufferfrom eczema. Another current investigation notes that adult patientswith psoriasis tend to have lower levels of carotenoids in the skin.These vibrant plant pigments may even helpLee mas
  4. photo Natural Skin CareNatural Skin CareTratamiento
    anti-inflammatory properties. Many skin conditions ranging from acne to dermatitis to eczema to psoriasis all have one thing in common: inflammation. This next study examined the effects of eveningLee mas
  5. photo Expressive WritingExpressive WritingTratamiento
    with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome); students with eating disorders; and test subjects living with psoriasis. Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine are the latest to report successLee mas
  6. photo Three Reasons to Get More SleepThree Reasons to Get More SleepTratamiento
    is a factor in a great many diseases and disorders ranging from arthritis to heart disease to psoriasis and possibly even cancer. Therefore, finding safe and natural ways to manage inflammation is highlyLee mas
  7. photo ADHD, <b>Psoriasis</b> and Stress NewsADHD, Psoriasis and Stress NewsTratamiento
    of the knee and a chronic, inflammatory skin condition known as psoriasis was given either 800 mg of chondroitin sulfate (CS) or a placebo for 3 months. The results of the study indicate that those receiving CSLee mas
  8. photo Mangosteen for Eczema and <b>Psoriasis</b>Mangosteen for Eczema and PsoriasisTratamiento
    share of medical bumps along the road just like anyone else. One such event occurred last year when I had a rather severe inflammatory skin condition (a supposed combination of eczema and psoriasis). ILee mas
  9. photo Vitamin B12 and EczemaVitamin B12 and EczemaTratamiento
    was the management of chronic plaque psoriasis with an avocado oil and B12 cream. Instead of a placebo, a Vitamin D based medication was compared to the B12 cream. Vitamin D analogs have been traditionally usedLee mas
  10. photo Natural Hair and Skin CareNatural Hair and Skin CareTratamiento
    well balanced. In the past, I was a big fan of Aubrey’s Vegecol sensitive skin lotion, but no longer need to use it now that my eczema and psoriasis have cleared up. Vegecol is considerably moreLee mas

photo Psoriasis



La psoriasis (AFI: [soˈɾja.sis], del griego ψώρα, picor) es una enfermedad inflamatoria crónica de la piel de origen autoinmune, que produce lesiones escamosas engrosadas e inflamadas, con una amplia variabilidad clínica y evolutiva. No es contagiosa, aunque sí puede ser hereditaria, es más probable que la hereden los hombres que las mujeres.Puede afectar a cualquier parte de la piel,...Más